Dr. Mohsin Iqbal

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Meet Dr. Mohsin Iqbal

A trusted and licensed Veterinarian for your beloved pets. With a comprehensive knowledge of animal health and an immense passion for serving pet families.
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Contact Dr. Mohsin
Ready to experience the difference of pet care with a personal touch? Contact today to schedule an appointment or a consultation. Join the family of satisfied pet parents who trust Dr. Mohsin Iqbal with their pet's health and happiness.
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Healthy Paws

Let me know what I can
do for your Pet.



Feed your pet with love and bring them joy through interactive toys.


Dedicated Care For Your Pets

Passionate About Delivering Personalized Care for Your Beloved Pets:

My Services

Discover a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of your beloved pets.


Comprehensive medical treatments tailored to your pet's unique needs, ensuring their happiness and well-being.


Advanced surgical solutions for your pet, providing personalized care and rapid recovery.


Protect your beloved pet with our thorough and thoughtful vaccination services, because their health is our priority.

Home Visits

Experience the utmost convenience and personalized care as I bring my expertise right to your doorstep.


Transform your pet's look with our professional grooming services, because every pet deserves a spa day.


State-of-the-art ultrasonography to provide clear insights into your pet's health, because precision matters.

Diagnostic Tests

Accurate, swift, and insightful diagnostic tests to ensure your pet's optimal health.​

Online Consultations

Connect with me directly via email, text, phone, or video conferencing for prompt and effective solutions to your pet's health issues.

Our Commitment to Putting Pets First and Protecting The Lifelong Love of Pets.

Welcome To My Practice!

I offer house call services throughout Punjab, Pakistan.

Want to explore the convenience and comfort of in-home pet care?

Just send me an email detailing your pet’s health concerns and your specific location. This information allows me to ensure that our services align perfectly with your furry friend’s needs.

Typically, I schedule appointments two to three weeks out, but I understand the unpredictability of pet health. I’m always prepared to accommodate new patients and those requiring more immediate care whenever feasible.

Reach out today, and let’s work together to ensure your pet’s well-being.